The reasons for using an anti pull dog harness are numerous. For large breeds, pulling may mean your pet can potentially get away from you. This creates stress and a potential dangerous situation. Breeds like Malamutes and Huskies have instincts to pull and it can be difficult in training them to ease up on the leash. Anti pull dog harnesses can help ease the burden on you and your pet.

Pulling can also result in injury. Either acute, immediate injury or painful wear and tear wounds that occur after long periods of pressure on the trachea or other sensitive areas can occur. Smaller dogs are particularly susceptible to this type of damage and can benefit greatly from an anti pull dog harness.

Premier Easy Walk Dog HarnessThe Premier Easy Walk Dog Harness from Premier-Pet-Products is perfect for larger breeds. A two toned design helps to easily identify which strap goes over the shoulders and which goes under the dog. Soft and sturdy nylon will tighten across the lower chest and discourage your dog from pulling. Reviewers love this product and give it high praise for being highly effective in discouraging poor walking etiquette.

Freedom No-Pull Dog HarnessThe Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness from Wiggles Wags Whiskers has a unique design that can be utilized by either clipping the leash on the back or at the chest. Large dogs should do well with this product and be comfortable with its “multi function velvet cushioning”. To make it even better, there are several attractive colors to choose from!

D&T Universal – Dean & Tyler No Pull Dog HarnessA heavy duty version for the toughest of breeds is the D&T Universal – Dean & Tyler No Pull Dog Harness. It has everything you need to control your feisty pet with 4 D rings and super durable adjustable straps for comfort, plus a no-slip fit. Dean & Tyler specializes in working and service dog gear. This should be a superior product for your house dog that needs a little more correction.

Sporn’s Non-Pulling Mesh HarnessAnother well-loved anti pull dog harness is Sporn’s Non-Pulling Mesh Harness. The medium size fits necks 12–17” and will keep you and your dog comfortable on your walks. The ergonomic design discourages pulling from the get-go, but if a stubborn Fido continues to pull, users say it is much more manageable and easier to correct.

EzyDog Chest Plate HarnessFor large to small breeds that love to pull, the EzyDog Chest Plate Harness should do the trick. The foam chest plate sits very low on the chest, greatly dispersing pressure while giving you control. It aids as a training device and makes walks a breeze as your dog is humanly corrected on how to behave. This harness comes in a myriad of bright colors and has reflective stitching for added nighttime safety.

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