Camo dog collars aren’t just for male dogs anymore! There are so many varieties of camouflage collars including fashionable pink selections just for her. Of course, there are tons of traditional styles that people either use for hunting purposes, or just because they look cool!

Whatever your reason for loving camo dog collars… I’m with you. Some are designed to be truly camouflaged and come in typical military or hunting patterns. If you are looking for even more of fashion statement or need something brighter to stand out against your dog’s coat, then you may consider a variation in color from traditional khakis.

As with all collars, function and fit takes priority. Make sure to measure your dog correctly and find a collar that will meet any special needs.

Martingale Woodland Camo Dog CollarCountry Brook Design has a Martingale Woodland Camo Dog Collar for pets who need extra obedience or training while on a leash. The martingale design gives better control of your pet as the traditional camouflage pattern will look stunning on your dog. This is a tough collar for tough dogs and is complete with heavy welded hardware.

Martingale Bone Camo Patterned CollarsIf the traditional camouflage khaki pattern isn’t for you, mix it up with blue or pink Martingale Bone Camo Patterned Collars. Country Brook offers this variation and makes it extra interesting with their bone design. At first glance it looks like pink or blue camo, with a second look – you see that they’re little bones! Too cool!

Camo Dog Collars from GuardianCamo Dog Collars from Guardian run the gamut in colors and sizes. Whether you’re looking for pinks, blues, khakis or a blend… they probably have it in their 5 collar options. All of them are made of heavy-duty nylon and hardware. The quick release buckles are made of durable plastic.

Martingale Dog Collar in CamouflageLola and Foxy have a Martingale Dog Collar in Camouflage. It is actually a hybrid of a choke chain collar and a martingale. The chain looks great with the camo and adds an extra audible training tool. The rest of the collar is made of nylon webbing and has a quick side release feature.

Bison Pet Real Tree Hardwoods Adjustable CollarThe Bison Pet Real Tree Hardwoods Adjustable Collar is in a classic hunting pattern. Branches and leaves create the camo appearance. This could be a great collar for your Spaniel, Retriever or other hunting breed. It also features heavy duty stitching and a side squeeze buckle for an easy fit.

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