A dog crate should be one of your puppy’s favorite places to hang out – but you need to teach them to love it first!

Crate training puppies is an essential thing to do before you can put your puppy in their crate to go on car trips or house train them using a crate. Like training them to become accustomed to the leash, you need to let them know the crate is their friend or otherwise they may perceive being put into their crate as a form of punishment.

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Dog crates are seen by quite a lot of people to be quite a cruel thing to use – they think they are like a miniature jail for dogs, and sadly some people do actually lock their dog inside a crate when they want to punish them! When used correctly, however, dog crates should provide a safe and happy place for your puppy to stay inside when at home or while traveling.

The most important rule to remember is that the dog crate should be a positive place – always! Never force your puppy to go inside if they don’t want to and don’t lock them in there right after they’ve done something wrong. Getting your puppy trained to love being inside their crate is something you probably want to do as soon as you bring them home, particularly if you’re house training them with it, and doing so will also prepare them for the lifetime of journeys they’ll likely take while inside their crate.

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