The perfect dog bath tub will have all the attributes that both you and your pet will benefit from. No one likes a sore back after giving a good washing, so make sure you’re taking into account height, accessibility as well as durability. While considering your dog, he or she will be less likely to become anxious if they are not crammed into a place that is too small. The same goes for too much space. A bath tub that is too large can be mistaken for a swimming pool to romp and play, possibly creating a chaotic and confusing experience for your pet. Thankfully, today’s world offers many dog bath products and tubs to choose from.

The Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath Tub gets rave reviews for those with large breeds like Labs, Akitas and Shepherds. This sturdy tub is elevated on legs, making it a real back saver. A few of its best features are a rubberized mat to eliminate slipping and a 3 point restraint system for the anxious pooch!

The Booster Bath Mini Dog Bath will hold small to medium sized breeds up to 75 lbs. It has all the great features of the larger version, including detachable legs, and a restraint system. Its sturdy and light weight structure lends itself well for use both in and outdoors.

You can ditch the air pump with the ABO Gear Dirty Dog Portable Dog Bath! It doesn’t need to be inflated yet dries nicely and collapses easily for out of the way storage. “The ABO” sounds perfect for outdoor use, which will save you a mess in your bathroom. The portability makes it a great bath tub for camping trips and vacations as well as at home.

The Pet Gear Pup-Tub is an excellent choice for your new puppy or small dog up to 20 lbs. Little enough to fit right in your regular bath tub, it provides security for puppy with tethers and a rubberized bottom. It comes complete with non-slip pads so you don’t have to worry about both the tub and your dog sliding away from you.

The Hugs Pet Products Dog Wash inflates to fit dogs of up to 100 lbs! It’s a full service station with two sprayers and quick drainage for easy clean up. A side zipper allows easy access without the hassle of lifting your larger breed. Best used for outdoors or garages, it will deflate and store easily.

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