Using a dog bike leash is often a blessing for those with very energetic dogs. Perhaps you feel guilty every time you leave on your bike and see those sad puppy eyes staring at you through the window. Let’s face it, most dogs love to run! The good news is you don’t have kill yourself trying to expend their energy. Now you can coast and ride while your dog gets the run he or she needs while using a well made dog bike leash.

As with anything, there are inherent risks. So taking precautions and reading reviews is the extremely important before making any purchases. Also keep in mind your dog’s safety. Using a harness instead of a leash is highly recommended, especially for pullers. This reduces pressure on the neck. Taking time to train or practice before hitting the busy city streets is also a very smart idea.

Finally, a dog’s foot pads are susceptible to injury if long runs are in order. Preparing paws with the proper ointments or clothing can save you and your beloved pet unwanted tears.

Petego Walky Dog Hands-Free Bicycle LeashThe Petego Walky Dog Hands-Free Bicycle Leash is fast and easy to take on and off if you are using the leash on multiple bikes. A stainless “leash” is attached to the bike and keeps your dog at a safe distance, but close enough to keep them out of trouble. Users say they happily use this dog bike leash with standard leads and harnesses alike.

Low Rider AttachmentIf you have the Walky Dog Bike Leash and are having trouble using it with your small dog or short bike, check out their Low Rider Attachment. This is used to attach the dog bike leash to the middle of the back wheel where it can easily reach your little dog.

Buddy Hands Free Dog Bike Leash ConnectorThe Buddy Hands Free Dog Bike Leash Connector by Doggy Ride gets the award for simplest design! That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Although from the looks of it, I would think this “bungee with hooks” is best to use with very obedient dogs… at least if you’re going to use it for your bike where it can be attached to the seat post or head tube. This device also makes a great tool for jogging, where you can attach your dog to your belt!

Springer’s Let ‘em Run Bike LeashFor dogs that pull, take a look at Springer’s Let ‘em Run Bike Leash. This U-shaped device is supposed to reduce pulling by up to 90%! Easy installation can be applied to either side of your standard shaped bike. A spring coil is there to reduce jerks and pulls and helps you keep balance. All while keeping your pet a safe distance from you with a quick release feature that enacts should your pet venture on the wrong side of a tree or structure.

K-9 Bike Jogger Bike Leash SystemThe K-9 Bike Jogger Bike Leash System will have you hands-free and on your way. Installing in less than 5 minutes this dog bike leash can be used for multiple bikes by adding an additional clamp. The lead can be extended up to 14” for smaller dogs and can be attached to another lead if need be. This jogger gets favorable reviews for its quality and versatility.

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