Hands Free Bicycle Dog LeashThe Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash by Let’s Go will fit small to large dogs. It attaches just under the bike seat where it has a large spring coil to alleviate sudden jerks on the leash from your pet. Pet owners of medium sized dogs seem to like this product best as their pups are not able to bend the coil and they stay a comfortable length away from the bike.

Bike Tow LeashIf you don’t believe the old adage, “you get what you pay for” is true, than the Bike Tow Leash will make a believer out of you. No one is complaining about the price of this contraption that attaches to the center of the back wheel. The low force of gravity gives you total control and won’t tip you over when your pet pulls. With effortless installation you’ll be on your way, calmly training your dog to heel as you go!

Sunlight Bicycle Dog LeashPossibly the best “bang for your buck” product might be the Sunlight Bicycle Dog Leash. Generally recommended for small to medium sized dogs (or large ones that don’t pull too much), this dog bike leash attaches at the center back wheel and extends just behind the bike. Owners like this for establishing pack leadership. (Psst, you’re the pack leader!)

Musher’s SecretIt’s a good idea to keep your pet’s paws supple and healthy. Lots of running and extreme weather can cause painful wear and tear on your dog’s precious feet. Musher’s Secret is a balm that both heals and protects chaffed and cracked pads. Simply massage this balm onto their feet before going on your ride and you should still have a happy puppy when you come home.

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog BootsIf a foot balm is not for you or your dog, you may want to consider Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots. Made to withstand extreme conditions and sharp ice, these boots are built to stay in place. They have a non-slip sole made from recycled tires, comfort pads and 2 closures all with sturdiness in mind. All you have to do is get your dog to wear them. But when they do, they’ll love them!

Biking with pooch can be a great way to get exercise and spend some quality time together. Just make sure you put safety first when picking the dog bike leash and accessories that might be right for you and your pet.

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