Eating too quickly is bad for your dog’s health, just like it is for your own health. A dog bowl for fast eaters is a simple solution. These bowls usually have several prongs or posts in them that force the dog to slow down and work around the post to get to the food. This means that your dog has to eat more slowly, which benefits his health and your lifestyle by reducing the occurrence of regurgitation. This also helps to prevent more serious problems, like bloat or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). Be sure to choose the proper size for your pet so that he can still get to the food inside.

The Brake-Fast Slow Feed Bowl has three center posts and can be used with wet or dry dog food. It is designed to not tip over and can be washed in your dishwasher. It comes in three sizes, the smallest of which is good for dogs with flat faces and cats.

Made of a heavy duty plastic with a rubberized base to prevent slipping and tipping, the JW Pet SkidStop Slow Feed Pet Bowl is separated by four plastic dividers that force your pet to eat more slowly. This bowl is also resistant to bacteria and rust.

The DogPause Dog Bowl is shaped like a wheel with four prongs that divide the bowl into smaller sections. Each area holds half a cup, for a 2-3 cup total for the entire bowl. Vets recommend this bowl because it is proven to reduce the risk of bloat.

The DuraPet Premium Stainless Steel Slow-Feed Bowl works well for both dogs and cats is constructed of top quality stainless steel with a rubber base that prevents sliding. The bowl is made with a raised dome in the center that requires your dog or cat to slow down and eat around that dome.

The Healthy Diet Slow-Eating Anti-Gulping Pet Food Bowl is a small plastic bowl with three knobs built into the center. It also features a non-skid edge around the ring of the bowl. This size bowl is appropriate for toy breeds and other small dogs like Chihuahuas, Papillons, Maltese, or Yorkshire Terriers.

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