Dog bows aren’t just for groomers anymore. As more people dress their pets in fashionable collars and even clothes, proud pet owners are adorning their best buddies with fanciful dog bows to show off their pet.

Dog bows do differ. A small, one inch bow will get lost on a 150lb Newfoundland. But take heart, as there are bows and bow ties for the biggest canines among us! Also keep in mind how fussy your dog is about wearing it. Will your dog tolerate a rubber band attachment, barrette or need a collared version? All this should be considered while finding the perfect dog bows for you and your pet.

Dog Bow Tie CollarThe Dog Bow Tie Collar from Doggie Design comes in sizes to fit toys to the biggest breeds out there. Their ties come in black or red with a white collar and will look fantastically handsome on your pet. The bow tie removes easily and the collar is adjustable Velcro. So, it may not last long on the canine that chews or tries to get out of collars.

Pooch Outfitters Dog Bow Wedding CollarsPooch Outfitters Dog Bow Wedding Collars come in a variety of prints and colors. Their satin finish dresses up any dog for a special event. Their extra large size fits necks 12–14” so it may not be right for your English Mastiff, but owners of small to medium sized breeds will have plenty of classy options to choose from.

Loyal Luxe Bow TieLoyal Luxe also carries an array of attractive designs from casual wearing to formal affairs. Solid colors include red, blue and turquoise making them possible choices for your female canine. The “Gamer Dog Bow Tie” in a red and white pattern is my favorite for its casual hipness. All collars are adjustable and come in various sizes and styles to fit dogs up to 180lbs.

Dog Holiday Bow Tie, Wedding Collar 10 Piece SetBe prepared for any and all special occasions with Dog Holiday Bow Tie, Wedding Collar 10 piece set. These bows come in 10 different colors and attach to your dog with a coordinating small collar. The collar can expand from 7″–17” and fastens with a secure plastic clasp.

Polycotton Ribbon Pretty In Pink Dog Bow CanisterFemale and small dog bow wearers may want to check out Aria’s Polycotton Ribbon Pretty In Pink Dog Bow Canister. There are 48 bows in patterned pink designs that include polka dots, stripes, hearts and more. All bows measure between 1 ¼ “ to 1 ½” and have a band backing.

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