Chewing is perfectly natural and acceptable for dogs - but if you don't want to come home to find they've destroyed your favorite shoes then you need to show them what kind of chewing isn't acceptable first.

After a long day you finally make it home – only to find your dog has destroyed your new favorite pair of shoes. Again!

How many shoes does your dog have to chew through before they finally get over their dog chewing problems? You consider reprimanding them, but when you see their innocent eyes staring up at you as if they’ve done nothing wrong, you think better of it. The damage has been done, so what good will yelling at them do anyway?

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You might think that your dog chews through everything in sight to deliberately punish you for leaving them at home all day on their own – actually nothing could be further from the truth.

Dog chewing problems result when your dog is bored or anxious and they simply have nothing better to do than chew the time away. Chewing provides the dog with a naturally soothing sensation, and this is even more effective when the item they’re chewing on contains your comforting scent.

That is why you often find your shoes, socks and other items of clothing destroyed once you get home – but many owners have reported their dogs chewing much stranger items, like the side of their house! Chewing is completely natural for a dog – and no matter what you or others may want to believe – there is no amount of training that will completely stop it.

They key to learning how to stop a dog chewing everything you don’t want them to is to use positive training in addition to taking other steps that redirect your dog’s chewing onto more suitable items – essentially, establishing what is okay to chew and minimize the development of any serious dog chewing problems.

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