When it comes to dog Christmas ornaments, there is any number of items you might purchase. Some dog lovers may want to dress Fido up for the holidays with a collar that has Christmas ornaments on it. And then there are dozens of Christmas ornaments featuring dogs of all breeds. Some ornaments can be personalized with your dog’s name, while others enable you to make a mold of your dog’s paw so that you can hang it on the Christmas tree. It all just depends on what you are looking for and which breed you own. Below are some creative choices to make your selection from.

Using this Pear Head Ornament package, you can make a cast of your dog’s paw print to hang on the Christmas tree. The package includes a shaping ring to create the round shape, the casting material, and satin ribbons to dress up the finished piece. The cast does dry easily when left out to sit.

You can find almost any breed represented somewhere on Personalized Dog Ornaments. One of the most popular designs includes an image of the featured breed over a large bone that has the pet’s name on it. Greyhounds, Boston Terriers and Rottweilers are just a few of the breeds represented.

Keep the memory of your beloved dog close to your heart with this adorable Loving Memory Dog Memorial Christmas Ornament. It has an oval opening for a photo of your dog, and the top of the ornament reads, “In Loving Memory”. It does require a bit of assembly.

Country Brook Designs offers this Designer Custom Handmade Dog Collar to give Fido some class this holiday season. Each one is made by hand after you purchase it. They are made by sewing cotton fabric onto a heavy nylon dog collar.

Sold by Conversation Concepts, these Sleigh Christmas Ornaments feature various breeds of dogs perched atop Santa’s sleigh. Each one is hand-painted and made of stone resin. Miniature Pinschers are one of the dogs featured on this style of ornament.

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