Dog Christmas stockings spread holiday cheer for the entire family. Dogs are extremely perceptive and connected to their owners. They certainly seem to appreciate being included in the gift giving experience.

Prices and styles range, but it’s safe to say, you can get quality dog Christmas stockings at good prices. To save even more, you can get a festive empty stocking to fill with your own goodies, or buy one pre-filled to make gift-giving extra easy. Just make sure treats and toys inside the stocking are appropriate for your dog’s size and demeanor. A chewer needs heavy duty toys that won’t shred and cause a potential choking hazard. A big dog will need big toys for the same reason.

Kyjen Holiday Multi-Pack StockingThe Kyjen Holiday Multi-Pack Stocking is filled with boisterous squeakies and festive toys for either your large or small dog (it comes in two sizes). An aggressive chewer might tear some of the goodies up pretty quickly, but dogs seem to love the toys and non-chewers can continue to play with their prizes long after the Christmas season.

Rawhide Holiday StockingIf your dog loves tasty treats they’ll be thrilled to find the Rawhide Holiday Stocking from the Be Good Treat Co. waiting for them Christmas morning. In festive colors, the small size is filled with 13 holiday shaped rawhide munchies. The large size comes with 7 premium rawhide treats that will have their tails wagging!

Holiday Filled Dog StockingThe Holiday Filled Dog Stocking from Seargeant’s Pet Care Products has an even mix of toys and treats. A rawhide and chewy treat will most likely delight your pet first. After those are gone they can play with the festive tennis ball or the plush toy that comes with this stocking.

Kyjen Dog StockingsThe Kyjen Dog Stockings are just too cute! There are two versions, one in brown with a puppy face and piece of decorative holly. The other is in green, with a profile of a sleeping puppy face. Both have a faux fur white top. At 15.5 x 1 x 17.5” these are nearly as wide as they are tall to fill with lots of toys and treats!

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