Don’t let nasty weather keep you and your dog indoors. Dog coats for winter and inclement weather will help keep your dog toasty and comfortable so they can be where they love to be – outside! There are a few breeds, such as Newfoundlands and Malamutes that thrive in colder climates and their fur is made to withstand these types of temperatures. However, not all dogs are to be outside in cold weather all of the time.

Even hunting and working breeds like Retrievers aren’t geared for long bouts of freezing temperatures. Using coats in cold conditions will keep them healthier and happier. If you aren’t sure if your dog is cold or not, there are some clues… cold ears, shivering, curling up in a tight ball and tucking the nose under a tail or someplace to keep warm are all indications your dog is feeling some temperature discomfort. Small, elderly and sick canines are also more susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Dog coats for winter will help everyone be happier and healthier until spring arrives!

Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket CoatBoxers, Labs and other medium to large breeds can benefit from Zack & Zoey’s Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat. Fleeced lining and strong Velcro will keep your dog warm while holding the coat in place. Reflective lining adds a nice safety feature for night time romps and a reversible nylon shell will keep the coat looking great for a long time. Paw-print appliqués are applied to the back side for a touch of fashionable goodness.

Casual Canine Reflective JacketFrom very small to very large dogs, the Casual Canine Reflective Jacket is made with luxurious brushed velvet on the inside and comes in lengths from 8” to 30.” Reflective strips down the back offer visibility of your pet and add to this coats pleasing design. This jacket also boasts an opening for the leash and a pocket for storage. This is one of the most favored dog coats for winter on the market.

Kakadu Pet Explorer Fleece Reflective Dog CoatThe Kakadu Pet Explorer Fleece Reflective Dog Coat has great feedback from users who love how easy it is to put on and remove. They claim even the most active dogs, rolling in the snow can’t get this coat off. Not that they want to… this item is made with super soft fleece in an attractive pattern that makes it as good looking as it is functional.

Aussie Naturals Quilted Cotton Dog CoatABO Gear’s Aussie Naturals Quilted Cotton Dog Coat will keep the shivers away. This eco-friendly option is made from all natural cotton and has a flannel liner. Hook and loop closures secure it in place along with the rear leg straps. This quilted coat comes in a wide array of sizes to fit everyone from a Yorkie to a Great Dane.

Dogrich Italian Winter CoatA three-season coat for the fashion conscious is the Dogrich Italian Winter Coat from Petego. This coat features sleeves, a belt and a hood, and looks like a coat you might want to wear yourself if you could fit into it! The fleece lining is removable so using the jacket in spring or on warm autumn days will work nicely without overheating your pet.

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