A dog crate cover will add a sense of security for your pet by gratifying their natural instinct to den. Dogs that tend to bark and become anxious will often quiet down and sleep with the extra sense of security that is provided by a cover. Their natural desire to nest is often enhanced with a cozy feeling dog crate covers provide. They also make an otherwise not so attractive cage look nicer in and around your home. Make sure you get the size of your cage right and whether or not you’ll be using the cover outdoors to make a good selection. The options are endless, from simple canvas to floral palace-like abodes – rest assured, your dogs will be sleeping in style.

Midwest Homes for Pets carries a Polyester Crate Cover that users love or… don’t. The biggest complaint seems to be the thin material which is made of polyester. However, too thick of a material doesn’t allow for much circulation, so it’s all a matter of what’s important to you. The plain black material is sufficient in making it a dark, cozy space that calms many dogs.

Pet Dreams Classic Crate Cover comes in a complete 3 piece set consisting of a bumper, mattress and cover. The bumpers and pad help prevent sores and invite a sleepy dog to rest in comfort. All parts are machine washable for easy clean up and come in 4-5 solid colors depending on crate size.

PetDreams SIDE-DOOR Crate Covers provide a comfy den for dogs. Bumper, bed and cover are all washable and come in light Khaki or Coco Brown. The bumper stays secure with heavy duty Velcro, which will release so the dog can’t get injured by pulling too hard. An added benefit is the reversible bed pad for double the use!

Here could be the solution for outdoor crate users! ProSelect’s Solar Crate Canopy will shade your pet from the sun and heat while resting outdoors. A special weave allows sufficient air circulation for cooling and a pleasant atmosphere. The outside is made of a metallic-like material that reflects and blocks intense sunlight. The nylon edging has grommets for easy attachment to crates, trees, RV’s and more!

The Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover covers ALL sides of your dog crate! They provided an easy roll up side for the door which can either be left open or closed. Other “windows” provide look-outs and ventilation and can be adjusted to fit you and your pet’s needs. This heavy-duty dog crate cover is made of water-resistant material with double stitching.

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