Dog crates for cars and other vehicles have made taking your pooch on trips and errands easy and safe. Depending on the make and model, they offer everything from luxurious comfort to super sturdy durability, and often times, both! Booster seats, seat belts and other amenities are all available to keep your dog safe and have them ride in style. Depending upon your dog’s size and demeanor will determine what car accoutrements you will need.

Specifically speaking, dog crates for cars are often geared for small to medium sized pets for obvious reasons. But your larger breed can ride just as safely with car accessories especially made with the large canine in mind.

Signature Pet Care Seat & CarrierYour small breed up to 20lbs will feel secure and comfortable in the Signature Pet Care Seat & Carrier from Pet Gear. Large windows and a front and top mesh door make it very accessible and provide enough air circulation for comfort. It will attach easily to the car seat belt for security.

Petego Pet Tube KennelThe Petego Pet Tube Kennel looks like a tube-shaped pet car crate from the future came to make a dog owners life a bit easier! A large and small size is available to accommodate a wide array of dog sizes. Strong fabric keeps it from damage while it straps securely in place across the backseat. Users give this clever product high reviews as one of the best dog crates for cars on the market.

Pet Bike Basket 3–in-1 Car SeatIf you are a bike rider with a dog under 16lbs the Pet Bike Basket 3–in-1 Car Seat may be just for you. This cute little carrier comes in various colors and will look stylish on your bike or riding in your car. An internal tether will keep your pet safe while in travel mode and the carrier can be secured with a seat belt.

Pet Carrier Pincheck Bag CrateThe Pet Carrier Pincheck Bag Crate by Sherpa is airline approved for those who travel by car and plane. In order to use it properly in the car, you will need to purchase the separately sold booster block. Used together your pet can ride high enough to see out the windows and be secured safely in the car. Simply zip the carrier closed and use the shoulder strap to easily carry your pet onto the plane or wherever you need to go.

Aviator Bag for Cats and DogsFor pets up to 16lbs there is the super stylish Aviator Bag for Cats and Dogs by Pet Gear. It comes in a wide arrange of colors and fits snuggly in your car with two seat belt loops. If you’re traveling overnight the whole top to this carrier comes off and makes a cozy, little open air bed for vacation sleepovers!

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