Dog grooming scissors come in many forms. That’s because for many dogs, different parts of the body may require a different grooming utensil. Cutting near the eyes is always scary for the puppy and the groomer. Blunt tipped scissors add security and give the groomer confidence.

Cutting thick fur will most likely require something different than working with a terrier. Comfort for the groomer’s hand also plays a factor. Scissors that are two big or small will never be as good as the ones that are… just right. Take some time to see what’s out there so that you can make a wise investment for you, your pets or your business.

4” Ball Tip ShearThe 4” Ball Tip Shear from Miracle Coat gets good feedback for trimming fur near the eyes. These pretty gold and silver colored scissors are really ice tempered stainless steel. The sharp edge delivers a nice cut while the lightness of the utensil makes it comfortable to handle. The rounded ball tips will help protect your puppy’s eyes from nasty injuries.

Miracle Coat also has larger 6 ½” and 7 ¼” dog grooming scissors. The 6 ½” shears are made for light to medium trimming. They also make a good tool for cutting around a large breed’s toe pads. The 7 ¼” shears are curved and feature blunt tips. It has a cushioned stop to prevent pinching. Both sizes are surgically sharp.

Michel Tisserand’s Plasma Coated 4.5” Diamond Grooming ShearsMichel Tisserand’s Plasma Coated 4.5” Diamond Grooming Shears are curved for those who like that feel. Customers say these scissors are very sharp and the ball tips make cutting around the eyes and other sensitive parts less stressful. They feature a razor sharp edge and have an adjustable tension screw!

A 7.5” curved Michel Tisserand’s Plasma Coated Diamond Shear is also available for light cutting and finishing touches. All their sheers are handcrafted from high quality stainless steel. The plasma coating increases hardiness and gives these tools their unique rainbow appearance. Razor sharp and durable, this brand is a groomer’s favorite.

Gator 8.5” Straight Dog Grooming ScissorsThe Gator 8.5” Straight Dog Grooming Scissors gets plenty of praise for their quality and usability. An easy grip is achieved with thumb and finger comfort rings. Every pair of stainless steel alloy blades are inspected and tested by a master craftsman before being sent to market! They’re also available in other sizes for a complete set.

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