What’s your reason for purchasing a dog harness vest? Most people like them for the control it gives them over their pet. Most dogs will pull less and generally are better behaved while “restrained” in a harness as opposed to a plain collar.

Pet owners and their dogs also like the fact that a well made, well fitting harness relieves pressure points on the dog. There is less or no pulling on the neck and trachea as the tension from pulling is more evenly dispersed throughout chest, and back areas.

A dog harness vest can also make a nice fashion statement as today’s varieties come in an array of styles and colors. So, control your dog and show off their personality at the same time!

Doggles Dog Harness Jean JacketThe Doggles Dog Harness Jean Jacket is just that… a dog harness that looks like an adorable little jean jacket! It is constructed of breathable denim with plenty of details for that stylish look. A Velcro closure around the neck is comfortable and seems plenty strong for most teacups and small breeds.

Cirque Soft Walking Harness for DogsAnother option for toys and small dogs is the Cirque Soft Walking Harness for Dogs by Canine Friendly. Easy to put on and off they look great in pink, black or blue. The lightweight mesh material will keep your little guy or gal comfortable with cushioned support. There is an adjustable strap around the girth for a better fit.

Ultra USA Choke-Free Dog HarnessDoggie Design has 5 color options and 3 sizes to choose from. Their Ultra USA Choke-Free Dog Harnesses are lightweight mesh material lined in black. It has a double safety closure and side-release buckle as added benefits. This dog harness vest will not choke your pet and allows for easy breathing and comfort.

Comfort Control HarnessSmall to medium sized breeds up to 40lbs are suited for the Comfort Control Harness by Four Paws. Most users find that their canines love wearing this harness as it is made of very lightweight neoprene material that offers plenty of ventilation. It also comes with adjustable straps for a more custom fit.

Casual Canine Mod Print Fabric Dog HarnessThe Casual Canine Mod Print Fabric Dog Harness is fun and bright in either pink or blue. It’s made of a lightweight cotton and polyester fabric. The adjustable straps and quick release buckles also add value and functionality. The D-ring leash attachment is on the back for a comfortable walk both you and your dog will enjoy!

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