Dog life jackets come in a myriad of fashionable designs and colors. Whether you want playful and cheery patterns or more serious bold variations with safety in mind, you’ll find something to like with all that is out there.

Long days at the beach and boating adventures all call for a time to consider a sturdy flotation device for your dog. They add confidence to the pup that is not sure about the water and provide assistance to the water dog that can’t seem to get enough and will play until they are tired. Dog life jackets help ensure that you can see your pet in the water and have to worry less about their well-being in a potentially dangerous situation.

Polka Dot Doggy Life VestYour dog will look precious at the beach or on your boat while wearing the Polka Dot Doggy Life Vest by Paws Aboard. Blue or Pink options are polka-dotted in white and add a fun and festive element to the design. Sizes range from x-small to large and will fit a wide arrange of pooches from Chihuahuas to Rottweilers.

Paws Aboard Designer Doggy Life JacketIf polka dots aren’t your thing, check out Paws Aboard Designer Doggy Life Jacket. This comes in an adorable and colorful nautical pattern suitable for male or female dogs. Heavy duty Velcro keeps it in place and a handle on the back is there for the fast grabbing of a pooch gone over-board.

The Neon Yellow Doggy Life VestIf your water dog has you constantly worried about their whereabouts, The Neon Yellow Doggy Life Vest by Paws Aboard will provide you with peace of mind. This solid yellow vest nearly glows in the water with its super bright color. This vest was constructed with buoyancy in mind and is available in sizes from xx-small to x-large.

The Red Lifeguard Designer Doggy Life VestShow everyone at the beach or on the boat who’s the boss! The Red Lifeguard Designer Doggy Life Vest from Paws Aboard looks like your dog means business and is oh so cute. Quick release buckles and reflective strips and security and safety. This is just one more of the many adorable dog life jackets available from Paws Aboard.

Outward Hound Pet Saver Life JacketYour pup will be pretty in pink with the Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket in pink. Their extra small size fits a girth of 15–19″. Two adjustable straps can be secured under the belly and a pink handle is on the back for easy grabbing. This is just one color and size from them many dog life jackets Outward Hound has to choose from.

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