Pet owners will use a dog muzzle for various reasons. Some may chose one to prevent occasional nipping or biting while at the vet or groomer. More aggressive or unpredictable dogs may need another kind of muzzle for going on walks or having guests over. Knowing what kind of muzzle to purchase will be the safest and best thing for both you and your dog.

Nylon muzzles are often referred to as “groomer muzzles”. They should only be used for short amounts of time because of their restrictive nature.

A basket or cage type can be used for longer amounts of time as it provides room for panting. Some even allow for limited eating and drinking. All muzzle wearers should be supervised.

It’s a good idea to learn how to use a dog muzzle and have one on hand in case of an emergency. A trip to the park could take an unexpected turn with a stranger dog. The same thing sometimes happens with people too. Having a dog muzzle on hand will help avoid potentially dangerous and embarrassing situations.

Guardian Gear’s Fashion MuzzleGuardian Gear’s Fashion Muzzle comes in blue or pink on sturdy nylon fabric. The padded comfort strip helps your dog feel better about wearing it. It also features a quick release buckle and adjustable strap. Generally, users love these muzzles for their high quality, but some have found difficulty finding the correct size. It’s best to call the manufacturer if you’re unsure.

Quick Fit Dog MuzzleThe Quick Fit Dog Muzzle by Four Paws is evergreen in color and a great option if you size your dog correctly from the get-go. A size zero should fit teacups and toy breeds while their largest size #5 should fit Bullmastiffs, Rottweilers and other large dogs. This nylon muzzle is washable.

Pet Supply City Quick Fit Dog MuzzleAnother quick fit option is from Pet Supply City. Their Quick Fit Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Straps comes in 9 sizes. The medium size 4 fits a snout size of 8″. This variety has an adjustable strap to make a snug, yet humane fit. It also features a quick-release buckle and is machine washable.

Adjustable Dog Grooming MuzzleOwners of toys and small dogs in particular seem to like the Adjustable Dog Grooming Muzzle from Pet Supply City. The nylon mesh muzzle is adjustable in two places making for a more customized fit. However, some owners of bigger dogs claim their canines were able to get out of this contraption fairly easily.

Guardian Gear’s Cordura Nylon Mesh Dog MuzzleMost customers agree that Guardian Gear’s Cordura Nylon Mesh Dog Muzzle is a great buy but runs a little on the small side. It looks like a cross between a groomer’s muzzle and a basket type. Only this is made with very durable Cordura, a canvas like material. This item is a bit bulkier than others of its type, but allows the dogs to pant and even eat or drink with the release of a unique strap component.

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