Not all dog nail clippers are the same. Just like your dog, they are unique and have different attributes to fit different needs. A Papillon most likely will need different clippers than a Boxer. Some electric operated clippers can be used for both small and large breeds, but may not give every pet owner a controlled feel. When it comes to nail clippers you will want to get the most bang for your buck. They must be versatile, and you must feel confident in using them. Sturdy and sharp, they must work quickly and precisely every time.

For very small dogs and toys there are colorful options with the Bamboo Small Dog Nail Clippers. The pink, green or blue version all come with an integrated styptic system and file. The non-slip handle gives greater control. It even comes with a “how to” guide for beginning clippers!

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Pedicure Kit for Dogs and Cats seems to be a good deal for the price. More easily found in your local pet store, these blades are made with stainless steel and deliver a clean cut. If you’re a small or medium sized dog owner these are worth checking out. I haven’t found much feedback from big dog owners.

Millers Forge Professional Nail Clippers are made for Spaniels, Terriers and other medium sized dogs, 20–50lbs. Users and professionals say precession blades deliver a quick, clean cut every time. Light weight and well made, these clippers are a grooming spa owner’s favorite.

The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer comes in two sizes and can get the job done for small to large dogs. Non-slip, rubber scissor-style handles and locking blades give the groomer confidence. The stop guard also offers reassurance and helps prevents cuts from getting too close to the quick.

Medium and large dogs can benefit from the Conair Yellow Dog Nail Clipper. At a great price, most customers are satisfied with the quick cutting action from the stainless steel blades. The feel of the non-slip pliers-like handle also gives it high marks, making it a comfortable experience for you and your pet.

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