Every dog’s got to do his business sometime, especially when you’re out for a walk, so dog poop bags are a basic necessity every dog owner needs. Nothing is worse than being that annoying dog owner who doesn’t clean up after his dog does his business in a public place. You might think that poop bags are all the same, but there are features to consider. For example, some are biodegradable, while others are scented. It all just depends on what you are looking for in a poop bag. Some even come with a handy dispenser. Below are a few of the more creative options you can choose from.

Probably the most well-known dog poop bags on the market are those that go with the Bags on Board dispenser. It’s a dog bone-shaped dispenser that fits in your pocket and holds 30 bags. However, these bags are somewhat equivalent to a grocery sack in terms of their biodegradability.

These Pet Supply City Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags come in numerous colors, including blue, black, pink, or purple. A multi-color pack is also available. There are 20 bags per role, and they come with a free bone dispenser that is similar to the well-known Bags on Board dispenser. The bags are a bit thin though and are not biodegradable.

Compatible with most poop bag dispensers, these Green N Pack Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags are eco-friendly, breaking down completely to leave no visible or toxic residues behind. Pet owners who have purchased these bags recommend that you use them immediately because after a while they break down into small plastic pieces, which is how the company touts them as being eco-friendly.

These Poop Bag Shop Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags also come with a free dispenser and are rather large compared to other brands. However, the opening of the bag is somewhat small and can make picking up large piles a bit difficult.

The manufacturer touts the Mutt Mitt 100 Percent Degradable Dog Waste Pick-up Bag as having heavier plastic than other similar brands because they have a two-ply design. They are 100 percent degradable, so don’t leave them lying around for a long time or they will start to degrade.

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