Dogs are an important part of our families, so we want to keep them safe just like we do with our children. A dog seat belt is a good way to keep your pet safe while traveling. When choosing a dog seat belt, consider whether you want a harness style seat belt that latches to the car seat, a car seat/carrier that your pet can ride inside, or a tether that gives your dog a little more mobility while riding in the car. Always be sure to choose the appropriate size harness or seat belt for your pet; an inappropriately sized restraint will not provide the desired safety benefits.

The Solvit Pet Vehicle Safety Harness consists of a comfortable, padded vest lined with fleece. The vest attaches to your car with metal connectors and durable straps and is simple to install. It will fit dogs from 45 to 85 pounds. The design incorporates a leash for some mobility.

The Harness Dog Car Safety Seat Belt System is made from heavy-duty nylon. It will easily attach to any seat belt with the included clip. This harness can also be used with a leash for a walk when you arrive at your destination. It also includes a quick release buckle.

The Dogit Nylon Car Safe-T-Belt is a nylon belt that attaches to your pet’s harness and to your car’s seat belt. The harness is not included with the Safe-T-Belt. This belt has an adjustable slide so that you can determine how much space your pet has to move around the vehicle.

The Kurgo TruFit Harness for Dogs has a padded chest plate to provide the ultimate in comfort. There are four adjustment points for the perfect fit. It comes with a seat belt loop for use in your vehicle, or it can be used with a zip line for extra mobility.

The Petco Premium Zipline Seat Belt is a zipline system that can be used with your dog’s harness for car travel. The harness is not included with this product. The zipline can be attached to various points in your car or truck to give your pet the freedom to roam while traveling.

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