When it comes to dog show leads, what you use can make or break your spot in the competition. You need a lead that not only looks great, but also that doesn’t distract your dog or keep her from performing to the best of her ability. Most of these leads are very thin because they are largely made for show. Choose from leather, studded, or cloth leads, depending on your personal preference. Also consider the length of the lead as compared to the size of your dog, especially her height. Below are some of the best options available right now.

The Hamilton 1/8 inch x 4 feet Braided Nylon Dog Lead is custom-dyed so that it is less likely to bleed or fade. The webbing is also professional grade, and the lead has a high thread count so it feels very smooth. Owners appreciate being able to tighten the lead so they can hold their dog securely.

Available in colors for every dog coat, the Resco Black Cordo-Hyde Show Lead has a brass fastener and is 56 inches long. Dog show leads made by this manufacturer have been in use in the ring for more than 70 years. The clip also adjusts according to neck size.

The 48-inch Para Show Lead is 48 inches long and has a slider to adjust the sizing around the neck. It’s made of very fine nylon that is also very tightly woven and braided. It’s available in several colors, including tan and black.

For those who prefer a showier type of lead for use in the ring, the Mendota Diamond Braid Show Slip Lead is studded with imitation diamonds to enhance the appearance. Those who have purchased it say that it’s very thin and provides a good amount of control in the ring.

The Perfect Leash Slip Lead is made from polyurethane, although it’s manufactured in a factory that uses solar power to create the leads. It is quite durable and sanitary. It comes in lengths of either 6 feet or 4 feet. Owners say it fits every size dog.

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