There are plenty of dog toy storage options that will keep all of those toys up off the floor rather than underfoot. Most pet owners love spoiling their dogs with toys, but there is one problem: the more you spoil your dog, the more toys you have lying around. It can make having company over a bit embarrassing, not to mention the fall hazards all those toys make. There are so many different kinds of dog storage boxes that any pet owner is sure to find something that will work perfectly in their home. All you really need to take into consideration when purchasing one is the size of the storage bin and how it fits into your décor. Check out some of the best options below.

This cute Dog Bone Storage Bin comes in small and large sizes. It has a lid that fits securely and can even be used to store dry dog food instead of toys if you prefer. The box is made of plastic and gets great reviews from the majority of pet owners who purchase it.

Dog owners who prefer a little more class might prefer a standard wooden box that fits in well with the furniture. The MDF Paned Pet Toy Storage Box is a very attractive option that’s made of wood and comes with letters and decals for personalization. People who have purchased this box love how decorative it is and how easy it was to put together.

These Polyester Collapsible Handy Cubes are available in numerous sizes and colors. This particular one has a paw print decal on the side of it, making it perfect for dog toy storage. Use it as a standalone cube or as a pullout drawer for cube shelves. Reviewers say this cube is just the right size and that it holds plenty of dog toys.

Pet owners who are looking for a whimsical option that also serves as a carrying case should check out this Pet Stages Good Dog Toy Box. The lid can stay open if you want Fido to be able to dig through the toys, or it can close if you want to keep him out. Many dog owners say their pets love the bright colors and even tend to drag the entire box around with them.

The Overdoor Pet Organizer is perfect for pet owners who live in tight spaces and don’t have a lot of room to place a large dog toy storage box. It hangs right over the door so you can put it anywhere in the house. The material is polyester and it even has a holder for one 4 x 6 photo.

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