A dog whistle is one of the most popular dog training aids out there, and it can be used in combination with positive reinforcement techniques or as a method for correcting bad behavior. There are some that are loud and emit a highly audible low-pitched tone, while others claim to be silent and are relatively inaudible to the human ear but can be heard by a dog over great distances.

Depending on the whistle you choose, you can also adjust the frequency of the tone until you get the desired response from your dog – whether that is to annoy them or have them come running. You should remember, however, to make sure the tone remains consistent for the best results while training your dog. If you’re curious, check out these dog whistle sound samples.

The best dog whistles are typically made in Europe and feature higher quality materials, though there are also cheaper models that can be equally effective in getting the attention of your dog. When used correctly, they can certainly give you a better-behaved dog – and below are some of the most popular models you may choose.

The Sport Dog Brand Roy Gonia Special Orange Whistle by Sport Dog Brand is handcrafted and features a bright orange design that makes it hard to be missed. It is a favorite among hunters or owners of working dogs for efficiently recalling dogs at home or in the field. This whistle is far from being quiet, however, and that makes it easy to get your dog’s attention over short and long distances.

Made in England using high-grade metal, the Acme 211.5 Dog Training Whistle by Acme is perfect for use in training or working with gun dogs in the field. It features a design that’s easy to blow with a singular low frequency tone that is highly audible for your dog. This whistle is also available in a range of colors.

The Herm Sprenger Original Silent Dog Training Whistle is the original silent dog whistle made in Germany that has since spawned an array of cheap Asian imitations. It goes without saying that this whistle is more expensive than most, but the German construction means that it is of a much higher quality. Though it is not truly silent, when used it will sound very quiet to a person while being highly audible up to 400 yards away for a dog – depending on how strong the wind is and which direction it’s blowing. The tone can be adjusted and locked, so that it can remain consistent while using it to train your dog. This whistle also comes with a plastic cover to help protect it from gathering dust.

The Pet Supply Imports Silent Dog Training Whistle by Pet Supply also features high quality materials and is easy to use – your dog will certainly hear it loud and clear, but your neighbors won’t. It is slightly more expensive than the original from Herm Sprenger, however, it lacks the plastic cover to help prevent it from gathering dust. Otherwise it is still a great whistle for training and recalling your dogs in the field or at home.

The Remington Silent Dog Whistle by Coastal Pet is more or less a cheap version of the two silent whistles listed above, so you would generally expect to get what you pay for. Despite that, many people have found it to be reasonably effective for getting the attention of their dogs. It features a range of over 300 yards, but it does require you to first tune it to the correct frequency before your dogs will be able to hear it.

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