Gone are the days of boring, chain choke collars. In are the days of fashion dog collars! You love your dog and want to show off their personality. It’s never been easier with the vast array of fashion dog collars to choose from.

The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to give your pooch something special. Beautiful and handsome options are to be had at affordable prices. Just make sure you see past the aesthetics and think about size, fit and function. For example, martingales and other training collars are all now available in fashion!

Premier Pet CollarsIt’s only “fitting” to start with the Premier Pet Collars from Premier-Pet-Products. These martingales come in a variety of solid colors and sizes. They’re a great looking option for the dog that needs a bit more discipline and training. All of the clasps are metal and seem to hold up to the wear and tear of the biggest breeds.

Rogz Reflective Dog Choker CollarThe Rogz Reflective Dog Choker Collar is a hybrid between a chain choker and a nylon martingale. Owners with dogs that pull on a leashes love this as it offers more correction and control without hurting the dog. The reflective stitching is an awesome safety feature for night walking. If this sounds like a good option, you will have a selection of fashionable colors to choose from.

Country Brook Design MartingaleCountry Brook Design carries a variety of patterned martingale collars for male and female dogs. These are well made with welded metal hardware. Customers claim the fabric color lasts even with a lot of outdoor exposure. Paisley, camouflage and solid prints are some of the designs to choose from.

Red Dingo Designer Dog CollarsThe Designer Dog Collars by Red Dingo are as stylish as they are durable. All seams are sewn for maximum strength and all sizes are adjustable for a comfortable fit. Even the feistiest Chihuahua can’t seem to get out of this collar. And why would they want to? They’re gorgeous!

Kakadu Pet Angus Padded Big Dog CollarThe Kakadu Pet Angus Padded Big Dog Collar has an earthy and fashionable style. Denim, tan and rust colors look great around a Retriever, Husky or similarly large breed. The metal buckle is of strong quality as well as the neoprene padding that will cushion your dog’s neck.

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