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The French Bulldog (nicknamed the “Frenchie”) is a compact non-sporting breed. They feature a coat of brindle, fawn, white, black-masked fawn or a variety of other combinations, skin wrinkles around the head and shoulders and distinctive bat-like ears. Their sweet temperament makes the French Bulldog a popular selection for anyone with plenty of time to care for a loving companion dog.

Origins Of The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is known to have come from England where they were originally bred as a smaller version of the English Bulldog with longer ears. During the 1800s lace workers were displaced by the industrial revolution and they took several of these dogs to France where their subsequent popularity gained this small Bulldog breed their official name. The exact breeds used to create the French Bulldog are unknown as records of this weren’t kept, though it is assumed that several terriers and the Pug were involved along with the original Bulldog.

Average Size Of The French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are classed as a small-sized breed. The suggested standard size for the French Bulldog male and female is 11-14 inches high from paw to shoulder and a weight of 20-28 pounds.

Temperament Of The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is legendary for their sweet, adaptable and well-behaved spirit. They are typically friendly with guests, which along with their small size often means they are unsuitable as a guard dog.

The French Bulldog is also known to be fairly intelligent – placing 58th compared to other dogs based on their capability to be trained obedience instructions.

They are also recognized to be great with kids though may be too enthusiastic for smaller children – which means they are somewhat suitable as a family pet. The French Bulldog is usually quite compatible with other animals such as other dogs and pets if they are just as playful as them.

Living Requirements Of The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is happiest around their family and as an indoor-only dog, so they can be very suitable for living in an apartment so long as they are exercised enough. They can be sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures – so will need air conditioning in summer and extra clothing to keep them warm when venturing outside in winter. French Bulldogs are also not able to swim very well and will require extra care if you have a pool or take them for walks along lakes or beaches.

Health & Life Expectancy Of The French Bulldog

Unlike the majority of small-sized dog breeds, the French Bulldog is commonly shorter-lived having a life expectancy of 9-11 years. The greatest health concerns for French Bulldogs are universally known to be heart problems, eye problems and breathing difficulties. They are also vulnerable to conditions that include obesity, joint diseases, spinal disorders, dry skin, allergies, sensitivity to hot weather and vulnerability to heat stroke – they are generally a high maintenance breed in terms of health.

Exercise Needs Of The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog loves endeavors which include a run around the yard or long play sessions inside the home. They possess a moderate quantity of energy and need to be given exercise every day in the shape of average-length walks in cooler parts of the day to prevent excessive weight gain.

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