A glow in the dark dog collar can save a dog owner some stomach sinking moments. Walks at night or at dusk, crowded dog parks and night time potty breaks all call for times when a glow in the dark dog collar may be in order.

Collars with highly luminescent LED lights are going to be easily visible in the pitch of night. These types of collars require batteries and therefore require a little extra maintenance. If that’s not for you, there are plenty of highly reflective options that will help to identify your dog’s whereabouts not only at night, but also during the day when he’s in the field at work or at play.

Kolbu Suvia’s Dog Collars With LED LightsChoose from a range of glowing colors with Kolbu Suvia’s Dog Collars with LED Lights series. A brightly colored strip is illuminated through the heavy duty nylon collar for visibility up to 1,000 feet. The lights have 3 settings within the flashing mode, which will help your dog to stand out even more. Most users agree that this item is very easily seen on their dogs in the darkest of conditions.

SE’s Pet Safety Illuminated Dog CollarYour dog will not get lost in the mix at the Independence Day BBQ while wearing SE’s Pet Safety Illuminated Dog Collar. This item as both long lasting, flashing LED lights and highly reflective material for easy spotting during the day or night. A handy stainless D-loop is attached for tags and batteries are included.

Nite Dawg Light Up Collar by NiteIzeAnother popular LED glow in the dark dog collar is the Nite Dawg Light Up Collar by NiteIze. It is lit from within by a light-up polymer core that is charged by a long lasting replaceable battery. Nylon webbing adds durability and a range a sizes and colors makes finding the right fit and style a breeze.

LED Flashing Blinky Lights Nighttime Safety CollarA very fashionable option is the LED Flashing Blinky Lights Nighttime Safety Collar from How’s Your Dog. Red, black, pink and blue selections light up with multiple colored flashing lights for safety and for fun! Sizes run from small to x-large and batteries should last for 150 hours. This glow in the dark dog collar is weatherproof and attractive with metal hardware.

Lighted Dog Collar from SpikeThe Lighted Dog Collar from Spike also combines fashion and function with their unique design that comes in silver, blue or green reflective colors. Pulsating lights are visible at 360 degrees and operate for 300 hours with two AAA batteries. Sizes range from small 8” necks to 27” for larger breeds.

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