Gourmet dog treats make a tasty delicacy for the pampered pet. Festive, fun and most importantly delicious, these goodies are great for special occasions and birthdays. Even better, they make unique gifts for the dog owner who has everything!

They also make special treats for training purposes. The dog who won’t obey for any old milk bone may just become very compliant when a rich and wonderful out-of-the-ordinary morsel is to be had!

From every day nibbles to decadent cookies and cakes, gourmet dog treats come in all sorts of varieties. You will have as much fun shopping for them as your dog will have devouring them!

Everyday Nibbles & Reward Gourmet Dog Treats

Piggy Slivers Dog TreatsIs your little Pomeranian or Poodle overwhelmed by the large size of a crunchy pig ear? Not anymore! Piggy Slivers Dog Treats by Smokehouse are small and manageable for little dogs! The 100% natural pig ears are slow roasted for intense color and flavor. Your big dog will love ‘em too!

Salmon Strips from Plato Dog TreatsSalmon Strips from Plato Dog Treats delivers hard to get vitamins Omega 3 and 6 to your dog. Each strip is over 90% natural salmon meat with a bit of rice, vitamins E and C, and spices. This product is made in the U.S.A. with no artificial preservatives, soy, wheat or corn.

Turkey, Oatmeal and Cranberry Dog TreatsThese festive gourmet dog treats have a little bit of everything good. Meat, grain and fruit are all included in Healthy Bones, Turkey, Oatmeal and Cranberry Dog Treats from Natural Balance. A healthy dose of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are contained in this well-rounded and delicious snack!

Zuke’s Z-Filets High Protein Dog TreatsIt’s no doubt that dogs crave, need and want PROTEIN! Zuke’s Z-Filets High Protein Dog Treats come in scrumptious beef, chicken and venison varieties. As if this isn’t great enough, alfalfa concentrate is added to fight bad breath and the ridged surface of these snacks polish dog’s teeth! No by-products or other artificial “unmentionables” are added to these treats!

Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew SticksWant to give your dog a special little something, but are worried about their bad breath? Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks are made with pomegranate, blueberries, cranberries, and green tea extract! Parsley and peppermint are added and will help ensure you will get fresh smelling kisses from pooch!

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