A GPS dog collar is an ideal item to have for the wanderers and escape artists among us. Even if your dog stays obediently by your side, using a tracking device especially while on a vacation or camping trip far from home is a smart idea.

Of course, getting a GPS dog collar for the hunting dog who’s working the field will provide you with detailed information on their whereabouts and save you time and stress.

A good device may be as simple as a collar with a beeping homing tag. Or your system could have detailed elevation maps and stimulated training technology. The more trimmings your system has the more expensive it will most likely be. Knowing what’s available and how you will be using the device will help you to make the right decision when purchasing a GPS dog collar.

Loc8tor Pet Ultimate Wireless Pet LocatorThe Loc8tor Pet Ultimate Wireless Pet Locator is an easy to use tracking device. Homing tags are attached to collars and are small and light enough for tiny dogs. When the device is activated it makes a small beeping sound. As a bonus, many users say their pet soon learns this sound and triggers the response to come home on their own!

Locator PlusThe Locator Plus location system by Loc8tor is much like the previous item, but with more bells and whistles. Features include 4 tags with the ability to track up to 24 tags, and a clear range of up to 600 feet. This device includes a safety feature that alerts you if your pet leaves your chosen safety zone! With multiple tags you can use this on all your dogs, your cats, your kids and your spouse!

RoamEO Pet Monitor SystemTrack your dog’s whereabouts up within a 5 acre range with the RoamEO Pet Monitor System from Pet Tronix. It includes a handheld receiver, adjustable collar, batteries and charger. This system works with a unique blend of satellite and radio signals. There is no monthly service fee associated with this device.

Tagg – The Pet Tracker Master Kit from SnaptracsTagg – The Pet Tracker Master Kit from Snaptracs, Inc. uses advanced GPS and wireless technology. It’s light enough for dogs over 10lbs to wear comfortably and sturdy enough for romping and swimming, Tagg is a GPS dog collar that will work with your mobile phone, letting you know their whereabouts at all times. After the first 3 months of free service there is a minimal monthly service fee.

Zoombak 100 Advanced GPS Dog LocatorGet live support when tracking your dog with the Zoombak 100 Advanced GPS Dog Locator. The reviews are mixed on this item, but it gets enough good feedback to warrant mentioning. This device works with a combination of cellular and satellite technologies. The monthly service plan yields plenty of benefits including, alerts when your dog leaves his or her safety zone and locating your pet at any time via text, online or live customer service 24 hours per day!

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