Heavy duty dog crates need to safely contain the biggest and feistiest of dogs. They also need to be escape proof for the wily escape artists among us! Safety always comes first, so it’s best to spend what you need on a crate that doesn’t have rough edges and that won’t come apart on your pet.

That being said, there is enough of a selection to provide for just about everyone and their circumstances. Whether you have a teacup magician that somehow gets out of every crate or a burly Mastiff that destroys all he encounter there are heavy duty dog crates that should meet all of your requirements.

Heavy Duty Dog Crate from mpetThe Heavy Duty Dog Crate from mpet is forged from 20 gauge steel with reinforced 1/2” steel tubes. Touted by the manufacturer as “commercial quality” they claim it is the sturdiest cage and specifically made with the powerful dog in mind. Four removable wheels are included for easy transport as well a floor grate and removable tray for cleaning.

Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Dog CrateThe Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Dog Crate is nearly fully enclosed and may be best suited for the dog that gets anxious. A large vented door, along with side vents offer plenty of air circulation and the ability to see out. The whole thing is made with diamond tread aluminum making it light weight, but nearly impenetrable. A carrying handle and insulation make it easier on you and your pet.

Professional 3000 Zinger CrateThe high-end Professional 3000 Zinger Crate by Zinger Winger should last a lifetime. Well made with light weight aluminum this size will fit dogs up to 80lbs yet only weighs 29lbs! There is a large, barred front door with super secure lock and rows and rows of ventilation holes throughout.

ProSelect’s Empire Dog CageProSelect’s Empire Dog Cage are said to be indestructible. Made to hold aggressive canines, these heavy duty dog crates feature steel tubing and welded stress points. Sturdy dual latches will help to ensure your dog stays put.  These crates aren’t all “business”. They come in fun black, bright blue and pink color options!

Crate-N-Kennel from Pet TrexIf you need a strong crate that can be folded up and stored away easily, there’s the Crate-N-Kennel from Pet Trex. It is made from heavy gauge wire and has a black satin electro coat finish. Side bolt latches are on both the side and the front doors of this cage. Effortlessly folds away for storage or travel!

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