Learning how to potty train your puppy can be a bit of a nightmare - but with some patience and a good amount of consistency this experience will form the foundation for a great relationship with your dog.

Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting event – their wagging tail, glowing smile and eagerness to please instantly lights up your world. They are probably the most adorable creature you could imagine and the best new addition any family could hope for. You wonder why you’ve waited so long to get a puppy, and forget about all the nightmare stories you’ve heard about other people trying to raise their own dogs. Until about five minutes later when they start to piddle or poop on your living room floor. And then the nightmare begins…

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Learning how to potty train a puppy is one of the most urgent concerns for any new dog owner – especially if you intend on having your puppy live inside with you. This can be a particularly stressful and trying time, as you can be sure that with even a handful of small accidents your carpet will potentially be ruined. The worse part is how often they need to go – seriously, how much poop can one small puppy make? You’ll no doubt find yourself tirelessly cleaning up messes in an effort to make your carpet spotless once again, only to turn around and see your puppy has already left another one for you. It can quickly become very hard to stay on top of, especially when you don’t know how to potty train your puppy the right way.

The first thing you should know is that a puppy is a baby animal, and just like human babies they do not yet have full control over their own bodily functions. Next, dogs do not necessarily see a toilet the same way humans (or even cats) do. As long as it’s not in their designated eating or sleeping area then they don’t really mind where or when they do their business. Unless you give them proper guidance on where they should be doing said business then they will quickly learn to see every inch of your house as a potential toilet. The good news is that they naturally want to please you, and if you show them that going potty in the right place is a good thing then they will naturally want to continue doing it. The bad news is that their undeveloped body doesn’t allow them to do this with any great level of consistency yet – so you will need a lot of patience, and be ready to wait for several weeks before your puppy is able to be properly house trained.

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