The game of fetch is a favorite for practically every dog once they realize how fun it is to play.

When you think of dogs, there are a few prominent images that come to mind – going for walks, sniffing the rear ends of other dogs and chasing after a ball or Frisbee are no doubt at the top of the list. So it might leave you quite confused when you throw a ball past your dog and they simply stare at it in quizzical amusement. Many dogs are born retrievers, due to their breeding to bring back downed game or simply because it just feels natural, and they will chase any object you throw and bring it back without any training whatsoever. But some dogs just have no idea.

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Throwing an object and getting them to bring it back – also known as the “retrieve” – is a seemingly simple act that can provide hours of fun and much-needed exercise for your dog. Once your dog finally gets it, they will no doubt be regularly dropping balls or other toys at your feet and hoping you’ll take up the invitation to play with them. The game of fetch is undoubtedly one of the favorite pastimes for most dogs – after going for walks, of course – so it won’t take too long to teach them once they understand how fun it is.

Teaching a dog to fetch involves four steps – getting them to chase after an object, getting them to pick it up and bring it back, getting them to drop it for you so you can throw it again and finally teaching them the vocal command so they can do it at your signal. It may take a little patience when training a dog that is not a natural retriever, but with the right positive training techniques you and your dog will be having loads of fun playing fetch at the local dog park in no time.

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