Teaching your dog to sit is where you really start establishing the line of communication with them and explain how they should behave within your society.

After going through the process of successfully potty training a dog, the next major step is to begin basic obedience training and learn how to train your dog to sit. Sure, you could pay hundreds of dollars for a single puppy class that will teach you exactly how to do this. But why should you? Especially when you can easily learn how to teach a dog to sit by yourself at home using this entirely free resource – not to mention the fact you will be in charge of your dog’s training for life, not somebody who may only ever see your dog for an hour or two.

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Learning to teach a dog to sit is actually very easy – potentially even easier than learning how to house train a puppy – and it forms the foundation for the rest of the basic obedience training that is to follow. This is where you truly begin to establish yourself as your dog’s pack leader and open up the lines of communication between the two of you. You begin to build trust as well as give your dog much-needed mental stimulation and social contact – all the while teaching your dog the right way to behave in your society by making the most of their eagerness to please you.

Teaching your dog to sit is essentially giving them a lesson in basic puppy manners and will provide the groundwork for a well-behaved dog later in life. It is considered proper and polite to get your dog to sit in many situations – guests coming over to visit, out in public when you’re meeting new people or dogs, waiting at the vet or even getting your dog to stop chasing that squirrel or car. To be able to get your dog to sit with a great level of proficiency allows them to realize that you’re in control, and this also provides everyone else around them with a lot more peace of mind.

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