Training a dog to stay is the next step after training them to sit and lay down and will help them learn greater control over their own body.

Teaching a dog to stay is one of the four essential obedience training commands along with training your dog to sit, lay down and come when called. There are some people that may argue that training your dog to stay is not really necessary, as with enough training your dog should learn to naturally stay in either the “sit” or “down” position until you give them a release command. Training them to understand the “stay” command does provide your dog with that extra bit of information, however, so it’s still recommended and it won’t take too long for your dog to learn it.

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Teaching a dog to stay is especially helpful for training them to maintain control over their own body and overcome their natural urge to jump up and excitedly follow you everywhere you go. Of course there are times that following you around is a good thing, but at other times it is important for the safety of your dog that they stay put while you go somewhere else. Just a few of the occasions you will want to have your dog trained to understand the “stay” obedience training command are:

  • When you open the front door and want to stop your dog running outside.
  • If you break a glass in one room and need your dog to stay away until you clean up the mess.
  • Any time you have a visitor come into your house and need your dog to stay in another room while you let them in.
  • Whenever you bring groceries or other items home and need to leave the front door open and have your dog stay inside while you carry them in.

You probably also notice people that leave their dogs outside supermarkets or other shops for great lengths of time while they go inside – training a dog to reach this sort of level obviously takes a lot of time and effort, and even then it may not be something you want to do. There are people out there who steal dogs, and of course some dogs may be never be comfortable with being left alone in such a public place – just be sensible with what you ask of your dog and always consider their safety first.

While it is mandatory for police dogs to reach such a high level of training, you shouldn’t feel like your companion dog needs to do the same – as long as they are safe in and around the home your dog really doesn’t have to achieve much more in being trained to stay in one place. Being able to effectively do that still does take some time, however, and involves training them to understand the basic obedience training command as well as gradually adding a good number of variables to ensure they are as thoroughly trained as possible.

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