Training your dog to come when called is perhaps the most important thing you can teach them for their safety as well as the level of freedom they can have.

Training your puppy to come whenever you call them – also commonly known as the “recall” command – is one of the most important things you can do for their safety, but sometimes your own behavior can make this process rather difficult. Think about what happens if you call your dog and they don’t come, then when you finally do get them back you reprimand them for not listening. You’ve just trained them that coming when you call them means they get punished and they will think twice before listening to you in future – which is exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve in training them.

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The most important rule in training your dog to come when called is to ensure that any occasion your dog comes back to you is an entirely positive experience. Likewise, you need to create an entirely positive association with their name – so that any time your dog hears their name they will be aware that it is a good thing. Doing this successfully involves plenty of positive reinforcement training, the goal of which is to ensure your dog will come running any time they hear their name or the word “come”.

The good news is that if your puppy is still young then they won’t have picked up many bad habits yet and they will be naturally excited to chase after you almost everywhere you go. This is the perfect time to start training them how to come on your command – though don’t fear, because if your dog is a little older and perhaps a little more stubborn then it’s still possible if you display a bit more patience and use the correct positive training techniques.

Just a few of the scenarios training your dog to come when called will prove especially useful are:

  • Any time your dog excitedly bolts out the front door and you need to quickly get them back inside.
  • Whenever you’re out at the dog park or hiking through the woods and need to get your dog to come back if they venture too far away.
  • If you live on a large property and need to call your dog for dinner or any other important reason.
  • When your dog starts to chase after a car, another dog or squirrel and you need them to stop and come back to you.

As you can begin to see, training your dog come when you call them is quite important for their safety – but it also allows you to have a whole lot more fun with your dog. For both reasons many consider the recall to be the most useful dog training command to teach your dog. If you know that you’ll always be able to get your dog to come back, then you’ll be able to take them to more interesting places and give them a lot more freedom off the leash. As with any other form of dog training, this gradually happens through taking small steps – so before you and your dog can get to that level you have to start with the basics first.

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