Looking for an indestructible dog bed? What dog owner isn’t! First make a mental checklist of what’s important to you and your pet. Do you need a chew proof bed? Perhaps you’re more interested in a bed that will stand up to the outdoor elements of rain, sun and snow. Keep in mind your dog’s age. A younger dog will likely have little problem climbing in and out of an elevated bed several times per day. Your older canine may need an orthopedic floor level bed. Once you’ve decided what will work best and exactly what you’re looking for, do some quick research on some great options for just about every dog and scenario out there.

The Kuranda Indoor Dog Bed with Walnut PVC is chew proof! Not only that, it looks great and comes in a variety of fabric colors to match your room décor. The elevated bed is made of Cordura – a fabric as tough as canvas. Pet owners swear their chewers can’t destroy it and love sleeping on it too!

If you’re not convinced the above Kuranda Dog Bed will stand up to your dog, check out their bed in all aluminum with Ballistic Fabric! A bit more expensive, but owners don’t seem to mind. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and apparently will hold up to any dog. Between the ballistic nylon, aluminum frame and legs, this is truly an indestructible dog bed!

The SnoozePad Dog Bed with Black Anodized Frame looks to be as tough as it is pretty. This light aluminum bed with Cordura fabric makes it very portable. It comes in a wide array of sizes and colors, and also has an option to buy the bed with bolsters for dogs that prefer to sleep with their heads elevated!

Doskocil Manufacturing Co, carries a Chew and Moisture Resistant Pillow Bed. Measuring at 27 x 36” this makes a nice little nest for medium sized dogs. The fabric is made of a dense oxford weave and is backed with laminated PVC to make it extra tough and water resistant. This pillow bed is a great portable option for overnight trips and even for outdoors.

The Honey Orthopedic Hammock Elevated Dog Bed is great for indoor or outdoor use. Rubber feet keep the PVC frame on this bed from slipping. It’s easy to clean and comes in a variety of sizes. From the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be much for a dog to chew on and destroy.

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