The North States Supergate Extra Wide Wire Mesh Gate is an economical choice for a wide doorway. Similar to traditional baby gates, this pressure-mounted gate is made from a hardwood frame with a wire mesh center and rubber edging to protect your floors. It fully extends to 50 inches wide.

The Folding Wood Pet Gate by Etna is composed of three wooden panels measuring 18 inches each that are hinged together. This gate is lightweight with an attractive wood finish. When fully extended, this gate fits up to a 54-inch opening. In addition, it can be folded flat for easy storage.

This durable plastic North States Supergate Stairway Gate is made for stairways, and it locks into place and will not swing out over the stairs. This gate can be easily operated with one hand. It fits openings from 26 to 41 inches wide and is 26 inches tall.

Four hinged panels make up the Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z Fold Configurable Gate, which has an attractive wood finish. It folds flat and can be adjusted into various configurations, including a pen. It does include a walk-through door. This gate expands fully to 72 inches and is 30 inches tall.

The Black Canvas Indoor Pet Barrier Gate by Rage Powersports is made of durable canvas in either black or brown. It comes with rubber caps for the ends to protect your walls. It can be adjusted from 31 to 39.5 inches wide, and it’s 26.5 inches tall. This gate is perfect for dogs that would otherwise try to squeeze through the bars on a typical gate with rails.

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