The indoor dog potty has revolutionized pet ownership. Having a dog, especially a small dog has never been easier. No more going out in sub zero temps or rain storms – unless you want to! Most folks would rather take advantage of this innovative invention than wait for sunshine. Not to mention the anxiety it relieves for dog parents who are away at work all day. When picking one out, keep in mind certain key factors. How much will your dog be using it? Will the potty be indoors, or outside on a deck? How big is your dog? All of these conditions need to be considered to make an informed decision.

The Go Spot Circle Potty is 24” round. This might be the solution for the hard to train small or toy dog. The round shape works with your dog’s natural instinct to circle before going. The fake turf will also attract a little guy or gal to do their business “on the spot”.

The Rascal Dog Litter Box “Little Squirt” is perfect for toy breeds. People love it for its all-around-sides that prevent sprays and spills. Dogs love it for its realistic soft “grass” and low entrance point that eliminates the need to jump for older toys. It even comes pre-scented so most dogs can’t resist using it right from the get-go!

For small to mid-sized dogs, users like the Ingrass Puppy Potty. It has an updated bigger and deeper design which is getting good feedback. However, the larger the dog, the more often it needs cleaning to avoid unpleasant smells.

Tired of fake grass? Well, the DoggiLawn Disposable Dog Potty Box utilizes REAL grass! Because it’s real it often eliminates the need for extensive (if any) training as most pups no exactly what to do with it! It is grown in a special substrate that absorbs urine and odors. Depending on the size of your dog this indoor potty will last 7-12 days.

The Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty comes in 3 sizes from mini to large. They are made of synthetic, anti-microbial grass that comes pre-scented. It is made to be portable, so it is conveniently used with boats and RVs. It is also a favorite of many who use them in their homes and apartments.

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