You may think they're born to walk on the leash but despite what many people realize you do actually need to teach them first before you can both have fun outside together.

It’s funny – you always see dogs around, happily going for walks with their owners and it seems like an entirely natural occurrence. It’s quite easy to think that dogs simply come that way, and you never really consider that there is actually a need for leash training puppies. Until you bring your first one home, that is, and you are shocked to see them completely terrified of the leash and collar when you try to put it on. And once you do finally get it on they simply have no idea what it’s for – so how are you ever supposed to take them on what is meant to be their favorite pastime of all?

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Never fear, because while the process of learning how to leash train a puppy might seem rather frustrating and feel like you shouldn’t have to do it, once your puppy starts to build an association with the leash and going outside then it will be hard to contain their excitement every time you bring it out.

This means it shouldn’t take too long at all – being able to run and play outside is like the ultimate reward for a puppy, and in the spirit of positive reinforcement training they’ll naturally learn to see the preceding event as a good thing. In this case, that’s you putting on the collar and leash, and they’ll gladly let you do it once they understand it’s not a form of punishment but rather a necessary step that allows you both to go outside.

There are just a few small steps you need to take in leash training your puppy before you get to that stage, and this involves gradually training then to get accustomed to the collar, the leash and eventually to you holding it and walking them so you can both go outside and have some fun.

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