Reasons for using leather dog leashes are numerous. Generally speaking if a manufacturer takes the time to make a leash out of leather, there’s a good chance it is top notch quality. Leather is super sturdy and selections with braiding and reinforced stitching only add to their value. Dogs that chew often have a hard time making mince meat out of leather dog leashes!

There is no doubt that they look cool too. Natural colors range from black to red and brown. Metal hardware is most often used and adds to the rustic style. If a country feel is not what you want but still crave leather, there are vibrant “urban” options in nearly every color of the rainbow for you too!

Braided Leather Dog LeashThe Braided Leather Dog Leash by Signature K9 is made to be a Military and Law Enforcement Grade apparatus. Strong and sturdy this handmade, leather working dog lead was made by Amish craftsman! It comes in burgundy and black and the brass fastener gives this “tough dog leash” a stylish edge.

Hamilton’s Leather Dog Lead with Diamond PatternHamilton’s Leather Dog Lead with Diamond Pattern is fashionable and rugged all at the same time. This 6’ leash is weather resistant and beautifully dyed in your choice of burgundy or black. Metal diamond studs accent the leash near the corresponding clip. To make it extra special, matching collars are also available!

Leather Training Dog LeadIf your hand gets sore from holding a leash with an active dog, look at the Leather Training Dog Lead from Hamilton. These leather dog leashes come in 3 different lengths and widths to accommodate the size of your dog and your hand! Comfortable and tough as nails, this flat leather looks great in burgundy with chocolate edging. Strong enough to hold the biggest of breeds yet easy on your grip!

Dean & Tyler’s Soft Touch Leather Dog LeashAnother great option for easy gripping is Dean & Tyler’s Soft Touch Leather Dog Leash. Extremely durable, flat leather makes-up the length of this lead that comes in 4′, 5’ and 6’ lengths in brown or black colors! A padded leather handle adds a decorative element as well as a functional one. The quality brass snap hook will help ensure your dog won’t get away from you.

Tan Leather Teaching LeadIt’s an innovative training lead! No, it’s a standard leather dog leash! Wait, it’s both! Dog behavior export Sarah Hodgson designed the Tan Leather Teaching Lead with versatility in mind. The high quality leather lead sports a clip on either end with nickel grommets down the length. What you get is a leash that can be wrapped around nearly anything to hold your dog in place… including your waist!

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