Luxury dog collars may mean different things to different people. Jeweled encrusted styles are glamorous and certainly bring luxury to mind. Handcrafted leather selections provide rustic beauty and define the word “luxury” to others.

It may mean getting the best possible collar for your budget. The prices can run high, but there are enough luxury dog collars that are quite affordable and stand-up well to their expensive competition. So don’t get discouraged. Keep an open mind and have fun exploring what’s out there!

Whatever your definition of luxury is, there are sure to be luxury dog collars that will fit the bill.

Bella’s Crystal Accents Luxury Leather Dog CollarFor small dogs, Bella’s Crystal Accents Luxury Leather Dog Collars have 5 rows of white “diamonds” with multi-colored crystals carefully added throughout for even more decadence. Leather collar options come in black, blue, white or pink and make a nice background for the many jewels. These pieces are hand stitched for extra durability and include a sparkling buckle.

Rock & Roll Brown Leather Dog CollarJust for him, there’s the Rock & Roll Brown Leather Dog Collar from Dosha Dog. Hematite, pyramidal cabochons resemble spikes and are intermixed with square brass studs in a masculine and stunning pattern. Matching brass hardware is used in the buckle, rivets and D-ring. This collar comes in an extra large size that can fit a 17–20” neck and is 1” thick.

Sunflower Yellow Dog CollarDosha Dog also has leather beauties just for her. Braided or studded leather luxury dog collars come decorated each with a leather flower. For example, the Sunflower Yellow Dog Collar has a grey, yellow and white layered flower centered with pretty little gem stone. Each collar has a different gem stone specially designed for that collar’s flower and color!

Maasai Handmade Beaded Leather Designer CollarsYou can buy luxury that can make a world of difference! The Maasai Handmade Beaded Leather designer collars come straight from Africa. The Maasai Women’s Group in Kenya makes these stunning pieces with their traditional and unique beaded handwork. Made of genuine leather with brass hardware, purchasing these will help employ the women of Kenya.

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