Pink dog beds make a statement and look fashionably adorable in your home. Buyers beware as not all of them are made the same. There are criteria that must be looked at in regards to quality and size before aesthetics are to be considered.

Whether you are looking for the perfect little slumber perch for your little princess or just want to let people know your big ole’ Rottweiler is a girl, there are pink dog beds for everyone. If your husband or boyfriend is not happy about the pink option, never fear! There are rosy colored beds even the manliest of men will approve of!

Pinkest Of The Pink Dog Beds For Princesses

Pet Tent Small Dog Bed – Sugarplum PrincessThe Pet Tent Small Dog Bed – Sugarplum Princess by Puppy Love will have some people saying, “Really?” But not you! You want your little baby to sleep in luxury and the name of this bed says it all. A white mesh canopied tent with wooden spire covers the pink bed where princess will catch her beauty sleep in style. This bed is only 29” tall and 17” in diameter at floor level and is suitable for the smallest and most delicate of breeds.

Pink Leopard & Curly Sue Cuddle Cup BedSusan Lanci Designs produces some of the most stylish dog accessories on the market. The Pink Leopard & Curly Sue Cuddle Cup Bed is no exception. This highly portable and fashionable little number will look fabulous anywhere you take it. Well made and versatile, it expands from a plush hide-a-way to a luxuriant blanket when your little burrower desires to sprawl out.

Hartz Home Décor Reversible Bolster Pet BedDogs up to 50lbs will love the Hartz Home Décor Reversible Bolster Pet Bed. The upright and comfortable polka-dotted sides give your dog a comfortable place to snuggle up against. The zip on cover can be easily removed and is machine washable. It’s made of comfortable Polyester Fiberfill and heavy-weight fabric.

Kakadu Pet Oasis Nesting Dog BedThe Kakadu Pet Oasis Nesting Dog Bed comes in three sizes. The large size will lodge bigger dogs like Boxers and Border Collies. You and they will love the hot pink color with a cute paw print appliqué. The cover is a cotton/polyester blend with 100% polyester filling. Better still; the inner cushion can be removed for cleaning.

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