Pink dog collars are fit for a princess pooch… or prince for that matter. With a plethora of options, not all pinkies are prissy. There are some studded and spiked options to give a little bit of “don’t mess with me, just ‘cause I’m wearing pink” attitude!

On the opposite end of the spectrum there are some fancy “jeweled options” or classy leather beauties. Just make sure you pay attention to size and the kind of collar that would work best for you and your pet. Reflective, obedience and slip pink dog collars are all available for everyone to enjoy!

Private Label’s Hot Pink Leather Spiked & Studded Dog CollarPrivate Label’s Hot Pink Leather Spiked & Studded Dog Collar means business! With chrome plated spikes and tons of polished studs your dog will be the talk of the town. This collar seems best for the special occasion or walk with a leash. The high quality metal can be sharp and can scratch a dog or person while in a friendly tussle.

Dog Collar with Pink LED LightsIf you and your dog walk or go to the park at night consider the Dog Collar with Pink LED Lights from Kolbu Suvia. This battery operated collar can be seen up to 1,000 feet when lit. Made of nylon webbing, it is tough and water resistant although it’s not meant for the dog that pulls relentlessly on a leash.

Rogz Reflective Fanbelt CollarIf a battery operated option isn’t for you, check out the Rogz Reflective Fanbelt Collar in pink. A solid, pink heavy-duty nylon fabric with black buckle makes it a noticeable accessory. The reflective function adds value and provides security for your pet on a walk or in the park at night.

Pink and Black Houndstooth CollarSassy Dog Wear Adjustable Collars have a Pink and Black Houndstooth pattern. This color combo looks particularly stunning on a black coat. From sizes XS to Large it’s a great pink dog collar for your Newfoundland or Black Lab from puppy to adulthood. To finish the look, there’s a coordinating harness and leash!

Sassy "Puppy Paws"If the houndstooth pattern doesn’t suit your fancy, you may go for one of the many other pink dog collars Sassy has to offer. Some great examples include, a brown and pink “Puppy Paws” design or a hot pink leopard print to make even more of a statement! Sassy collars are made of nylon with quick release buckles.

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