Pug clothes come in plenty of cute options that make dressing up this small and popular breed a lot of fun. Some people enjoy just dressing their Pug up, while others are looking for the perfect Halloween costume, but whatever your reason for buying them, you can rest assured that man’s (or woman’s!) best friend will be one of the best dressed canines you’ve ever seen! Before you begin shopping, you should take into consideration exactly what this clothing is for and also the size of your dog. Most manufacturers of Pug clothing give a size in inches and/or pounds.

Fans of the Men in Black movies will especially appreciate this Men in Black II Dog Costume because the top dog in the films happened to be a Pug. This black and white suit is the perfect Halloween costume. Some reviewers have recommended making a few changes to it, but all in all, this is certainly one of the more unique options.

There are doggie tank tops available with a wide variety of sayings on them. Most of them come in white, although colored options are also available. Ruff Ruff and Meow makes a lot of these tank tops, which are great for everyday wear and come with phrases like “What the Pug?” and “Pugs and Kisses”.

For those who prefer a girly look on their Pug, there is the Beer Girl costume from Anit Accessories. This outfit works as a Halloween or Oktoberfest costume. It features a front closure and small measurements according to the dog’s chest size. This manufacturer also makes other cute girly costumes for dogs.

Pug owners whose dog isn’t spayed should check out this Super Cute Pet Menstrual Period Care Dress for female dogs. It sounds like a great solution to the age-old problem of unsprayed girl dogs and their “time of the month”. It protects the furniture and carpet while making your Pug look adorable at the same time.

Those who have a dog that doesn’t like to go outside to do his business when it’s raining might consider purchasing this Guardian Gear Vinyl Dog Rain Jacket. It works well as a rain jacket and a windbreaker, so it can help keep small dogs warm in addition to protecting them from the rain. Reviewers caution that there is a strong chemical smell from this jacket when it first arrives, but that smell gradually drifts away over time.

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