Nothing quite says, “I’ve arrived!” like rhinestone dog collars. Bold, beautiful and some of them, downright brazen, these decorative accessories demand a lot of attention. Patterns and colors all help to show off you and your dog’s personality.

Keep in mind, most rhinestone dog collars are not meant for everyday use. It’s best to save your out of the ordinary dog accessory for special occasions. It will help to keep your purchase looking like new for years to come. Although if you must don the jewels on a daily basis, make sure you select a practical product that will hold up to this kind of wear and tear.

Spotlight Oval Buckle Leather CollarThe Spotlight Oval Buckle Leather Collar by Personalized Fun is gorgeous in black, blue, pink or red. Swarovski Crystals make up the buckle and D-ring and give it just enough sparkle. Although, if you want more sparkle you can add crystal letters or charms to personalize the collar even more – for an additional price.

Crocodile Leather Dog CollarThe Crocodile Leather Dog Collar by HYD – Collars and Leads offers 174 Swarovski Crystals within the buckle and 4 bone charms throughout. The pastel blue, genuine leather collar is done in a stylish snakeskin pattern. A matching rhinestone bone charm can be purchased separately for added bling. These rhinestone collars are also available in a satin finished pattern named, “The Wild Thing!”

“Name Me” Personalized NecklaceSpell out your dog’s name or just about anything you like as long as it fits with the “Name Me” Personalized Neck Band from How’s Your Dog. Six free Swarovski crystal letters are included and will look fabulous on the snakeskin patterned collar.  These collars do not have leash attachments as they are purely meant to be accessories.

Camo Rhinestone Dog CollarNow here’s something you don’t see every day… The Camo Rhinestone Dog Collar by Furry takes two opposite extremes and combines them for perfection! A green camouflaged patterned collar is covered in 3 rows of white, sparkling rhinestones with sterling silver stone settings.  Nickel plated hardware completes the design and makes it super functional!

Rhinestone Dog Collars Black VelvetThe company named Rhinestone Dog Collars makes what else but… Rhinestone Dog Collars! The velvet pink collar is adorned with rows and rows of pink sapphire and “diamond” rhinestones. The buckle is inlayed with rhinestones as is the lovely little crown charm that comes with it! If you love it, you might also want to get the Black Velvet and Diamond version too!

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