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The Schnauzer is a German working breed of dog that is highly popular within Europe. They feature a distinctive beard and eyebrows with a wiry salt and pepper or pure black coat. Their bold and lively nature helped make the Schnauzer a fitting guard dog for Red Cross during World War I and these days they are recognized for their police work in Germany and America as well as their skills in drug and bomb detection or search and rescue.

Origins Of The Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is believed to have come from Germany as early as the Middle Ages where they were used as a guard dog, for catching rats or herding but later gained popularity on the dog show circuit during the late 1800s and were finally given their official name after a winning dog called “Schnauzer”. They are believed to be a product of first crossing black Poodles with grey Wolfspitz before wire-haired German Pinschers were later introduced into their breeding.

Average Size Of The Schnauzer

Schnauzers are classed as a medium-sized dog. The recommended standard size for the Schnauzer male is 18.5-19.5 inches tall from paw to shoulder and a weight of 45 pounds, while the suggested size for female Schnauzers is 17.5-18.5 inches high from paw to shoulder with a weight of 35 pounds.

Temperament Of The Schnauzer

The Schnauzer is famous for their bold, lively and fun-loving disposition. They are typically non-aggressive with people they haven’t met before but will protect their family when threatened, which can mean they are highly suitable as a guard dog.

The Schnauzer is also accepted to be highly intelligent – placing equal 18th in comparison with other dogs when taking into account their capability to be taught obedience instructions.

They are also well-known to be good with older kids – making them somewhat suitable as a family pet. The Schnauzer is not always well-suited with other dogs who they may often become aggressive with and they are not recommended for living with smaller pets due to their hunting instincts.

Living Requirements Of The Schnauzer

The Schnauzer should have a well-fenced yard to prevent them from escaping and chasing anything that catches their interest, but they can be also quite suitable for apartment life just as long as they are given adequate exercise.

Health & Life Expectancy Of The Schnauzer

In the vein of the majority of medium-sized breeds, the Schnauzer is normally longer-lived having a life expectancy of 12-14 years. The most severe health concern for Schnauzers is regularly recognized as hip dysplasia. They are also vulnerable to some skin conditions but are overall an extremely healthy breed.

Exercise Needs Of The Schnauzer

The Schnauzer loves hobbies such as running around the yard, learning new obedience commands, exploring new areas or simply traveling with their family. They have a high degree of energy and need daily exercise in the manner of one or two long walks to prevent destructive behavior problems and make sure they remain easy to handle.

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