Dog barking is a completely natural behavior that happens for many reasons – but sometimes it can be a little over the top and needs to be stopped!

When people think about dogs, one of the first ideas that come to mind is the act of them barking. Just about all dogs bark – there is actually one that doesn’t, an ancient hound breed called the Basenji – and it’s one of the things that can drive people craziest about them.

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Some dogs can also bark quite a lot. Often their barking has a perfectly good reason, but sometimes it can get excessive or become nothing more than a hobby for your dog. This is where barking becomes something of a behavior problem and steps need to be taken to minimize it as much as possible.

Understand that you never want to completely stop dog barking – it is a completely natural behavior for dogs, just like talking is a natural behavior for humans. No doubt there are people you would like to stop talking occasionally as well – fortunately, training your dog to be quiet is actually a lot easier to achieve.

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