Puppy biting is fairly natural behavior but you need to teach them that it's not acceptable to bite people before it will stop.

“Ouch!” you say to yourself, as your puppy takes another nip at your fingers. Part of you thinks it’s entirely cute and playful, but perhaps another part of you also worries that they will never grow out of it. It might seem innocent enough now, but if your Rottweiler puppy grows up and still has the same love for biting your fingers then you may have a few more problems. You shouldn’t worry, though, as puppy biting is an entirely natural occurrence that can be solved rather quickly with the right training methods.

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So what causes puppy biting anyway? It doesn’t have anything to do with your puppy being mean or trying to hurt you – it is all just a fun game to them. When you bring them home, you and your family essentially become their littermates. And puppies bite each other – they do this to play and it also is how they learn to control their bite so they don’t hurt one another. This is technically known as “bite inhibition”.

If you have multiple puppies in one household, then they will roll around and bite each other in harmless play until eventually the problem of puppy biting clears up on its own. If you only have the one puppy, however, you need to take on the role of their littermate in order to stop your puppy biting too hard. Part of the problem is your puppy doesn’t understand the “pack hierarchy” yet, but they also don’t understand that their actions can hurt others. You need to make it clear that biting people is not okay, and with some simple training you can stop puppy biting in a very short amount of time.

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