It wasn’t too long ago when a sweater wearing dog would make some folks scoff. Not anymore! Today, there is a multitude of sweaters for dogs, big and small. The demand for them has generated some creative and fashionable selections. Beyond that, dog clothing that fits correctly will help your pet be more comfortable in colder climates. After all, when it’s zero degrees and your puppy needs to go out, fur is great, but fur AND a sweater is even better!

There are no hard and fast rules as to what colors female and male dogs are relegated to. In an effort to keep things organized, the following will be split up for boys and girls, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying all that is out there.

Itsy Bitzy Sweaters For Dogs

Chenille Dog SweaterMost dog sweaters come in a variety of sizes, but there are a few exclusives that are made just for the tiniest of toys. Like the Chenille Dog Sweater in Pink from ESC that is for dogs less than 4lbs. A rosy pink cabled design is 8” long and has soft ribbed cuffs to keep it in place.

Zack & Zoey’s Striped Knit Dog HoodiesZack & Zoey’s Striped Knit Dog Hoodies has sweaters that range from a large 20” length down to a tiny 8” size. Two pleasing shades of pink are intermixed with a touch of chocolate brown to make a smart and feminine statement. For him, check out the two-toned blue and orange pattern. Both male and female varieties come with ribbed sleeves and leg straps for a comfortable fit.

Male Sweaters For Dogs

Classic Cable Dog SweaterHardly anything blends cozy warmth and fashionable style like that of a Classic Cable Dog Sweater. The Cobalt Blue Sweater from Fashion Pet has most users loving it for its distinctive color and lengthy coverage. Not too thin, and not heavy, this sweater will keep your pet warm without overheating. Although, for real rough and tumble pooches, this option may only be used for special occasions for fear of fraying.

New York Dog Mohawk Hooded SweaterThe New York Dog Mohawk Hooded Sweater from New York Dog makes a statement passers-by won’t soon forget! The jacquard sweater design tones down the yarn-fringed Mohawk that runs the length of this piece. Somehow it comes together tastefully and has me asking, why not have fun and rock out with a bit of 80’s glam!

Monkey Dog SweaterChilly Dog did not miss the sock monkey phenomenon and produced a flat knit, wool Monkey Dog Sweater sure to turn heads. They come in sizes small to XXXL and are all handmade, top notch quality. Chilly Dog also offers a hoodie version as well as many other creative and eye-catching designs!

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