A good diet is the foundation for every healthy dog – but many dog owners still need special vitamins for dogs to take care of any nutritional gaps!

If all you see is to be believed then it seems like multivitamins are now an essential part of our daily diet, and it’s only natural that vitamins for dogs would see the same rise in popularity. Vets everywhere seem to be noting a large increase in people asking about or using vitamins for their dogs. But are they really so necessary? And more importantly, are they actually safe for your dog?

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Generally speaking, when a dog receives their required daily dose of vitamins their health should obviously be better. Such vitamins occur naturally in meat, fruits or vegetables that dogs should receive in a healthy and balanced diet. Of course, it might be rare that a dog receives all these vitamins on a daily basis – that is where dog vitamins become so attractive for filling those nutritional gaps.

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